Like Mother, Like Daughter

Thursday, February 4, 2010

So I am taking my daughter Madison to school and as we pull into the carpool line we hear a siren. We couldn't see what it was or where it was , so we started looking around. As I glanced back at my little First Grader, I heard her praying, "Jesus, we pray for you to help whoever is hurt that they will be ok. Be with them and keep them safe. Amen." I told her that it was so nice to do that. She says that mommy does it every time they hear a siren.

Kristi had never "told" Madison to pray when they heard a siren. Instead, she simply did it, and Madison was watching...learning. So when Madison heard a siren, she didn't need mommy to pray, she had learned to do it herself. It became her natural response to a siren. So awesome!

Made me wonder what I am modeling in front of my kids. Maybe some of the things we see in our kids are a direct reflection of us. We can blame this challenging world we live in. We can blame our churches for not doing enough. But the reality is, for the most part, our kids reflect us, parents. And what I "say" counts for little when compared with what I "do". That is a fact.

Lord God, help me to model for my children, a life dependent on You. Help me to show my kids how to treat others with love and grace. The same love and grace I desire from others.

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