Bragging Rights

Tuesday, 10-27-09

My daughter, Madison is a 1st grader. She loves school. She loves her teacher. She loves her friends and her friends love her.

They tested for reading levels a few weeks ago. We knew she was a great reader, but was unsure how the testing would go. She ended up testing very well. After they had gotten their scores back, several of the girls were talking about it. Even though she knew, Madison never would say her score.

I visited lunch last week and the subject came up again, One friend said, “I got a 16 ”. By the way, that’s pretty good for a 1st grader. Another girl said, “My mom said I am the best reader in the whole class.” My father’s pride kicked in and everything in me wanted to brag that Madison was, in fact, the best reader in the class and that she scored a 20 which is incredible for a 1st grader. I didn’t say anything. One of the girls again asked, “Madison, what was your score?” Madison knew. We had told her about the “20” and that we were very proud of her. But she wouldn’t say it. She simply looked at me. So I said, “Madison’s a great reader”.

Madison is cute, sweet, smart, AND humble. She could have bragged, but she didn’t. She had ample opportunity to let them all know that SHE is the best reader. But instead, she showed love to her friends. Love? Yes, love. 1 Corinthians 13:4, “Love does not brag and is not arrogant”.

That’s what Jesus did. Jesus didn’t go around screaming, “I am the King of Kings. I’m the best. I’m number one. Bow down to me.” No, instead he demonstrated his love through humility...all the way to death on a cross.

Bragging does nothing but belittle others and make the braggart look silly. Humility is a character quality that God blesses greatly (James 4:6).

Just something to think about.

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