Thursday, October 1, 2009

I could hear my daughter Madison calling out, “Mommy. Mommy”. Kristi was busy bathing the boys so I decided to help out. “Yes, Honey”, I answered. “No, Daddy. I’m calling Mommy, not you, because she knows the answer”. WELL, then...

If you had a question and you knew the person with the answer, wouldn’t it be foolish to go to a different person? Who would do that? I mean, I think I would want to go to the person with the answer. Isn’t that right or am I crazy? It sure makes sense to my 6-year old.

I believe God has the answers to all the questions life presents us. Do we really believe that? Of course. So why then would we not go to Him first, even before we gather the opinions of others? I am glad to have good friends who offer me wise counsel, but before that, I need time with God, asking, listening, and obeying.

Something God is teaching me in a big way right now is how to wait on Him. I can get in such a hurry to hear answers to my questions, that I, at times by-pass the very One who has the answer.

Here’s my challenge for you (and me). When you have a decision to make, direct your attention to God through prayer and His Bible first, then wait for His counsel. After that, seek the counsel and affirmation of others. God has the answers. Doesn’t He?

Need answers? Go FIRST to the One who has the answer. It makes since whether you are 6 or 46 (that’s me). God help me to wait on You!

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