Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We have 41 people in Mexico for a mission trip and they called in during our Worship Service this past Sunday so we could hear how things were going. They are involved in medical care for the locals, encouragement for the church there, and other fun activities.

Just like a parent who gets a call from their kids, I listened to the excitement of a group on mission for the Cause of Christ. I was so proud of those who were willing to sacrifice comfort, money, and even vacation time to follow Christ’s command to “go”. We have bankers and doctors and CPAs and students and builders and all kinds of people involved in this mission. We missed them in our congregation on Sunday, but it was so refreshing to think of our church in two different places, yet unified in spirit. Yes, we were one church in two locations today! Truth is, we (all of us Christians) are one church in millions of locations. I felt like a real part of that local church in Bahia de Kino, Mexico and they a part of us at Grandview. is a word from our team in Bahia De Kino:

Greetings from Bahia De Kino!

“What an exciting week it has been here in Bahia De Kino! God is at work in this community and it has been a joy to be a part of it. In addition to building a house for an amazing man of God in this community, the construction team is installing two bathrooms for families here in Bahia De Kino.

Our medical team is hard at work seeing women and children in the clinic. Pray for Judy Moyes as she works with our nurses to treat and diagnose patients with limited supplies or medical history.

The most amazing thing we have seen this week is how our youth and children have connected with the locals here. As adults we see a language or cultural difference as a barrier in ministry, however our students and children have embraced the time we have here with an enthusiasm and maturity that has impacted not only the locals but also the adults.

Continue to pray and praise God for what He is doing here in Bahia De Kino. Thank you for your support as we, Grandview Fellowship, seek to serve from the overflow or our heart in Sugar Land and all throughout the world.”

I am proud of this group of Christ Followers who followed His call to “go”.

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